Cyber security

Cyber Security
Cyber security is critical for any business - and legislation changes make it even more important. We can help.

Protecting your business

Cyber attacks are both increasingly common and increasingly damaging.

CG Consultancy applies years of experience and a deep knowledge of potential threats to review your current IT setup, identify the risks and use a combination of staff training, clear processes and sophisticated hardware and software to protect your business.

As well as direct threats to your business, staff and clients, recent GDPR data legislation will hold you responsible if data breaches occur because you have not taken sufficient steps to protect your system. This could mean significant fines and damage to your business.

How we protect your business
There is no single thing that will entirely protect your business. We address the three key areas:


You and your staff need to be aware of the risks, and their role in preventing them.


Clear processes and documentation to detail how you prevent and respond to threats.


We employ software and hardware to protect your business and to manage any problems.

Next steps

We can discuss any specific concerns you have, as well as perform a general review of your current systems, processes and setup, and prepare a report to lay out what is most critical, and the order you should look to make changes in.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.