IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Rapid-growth requires rapid responses – often to problems you’ve never encountered before. We have the knowledge and experience to apply proven solutions to your improving business.

IT Consultancy
Services & Solutions

Cyber security

Cyber Security

Cyber security is critical for any business - and legislation changes make it even more important. We can help.
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Technology Audits & Due Diligence

Investments, M&A, growth and problem-solving all rely on a thorough understanding of your situation.
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Project Management & Recovery

Projects can be fraught with problems: we'll prevent those problems, or fix them if you're struggling.
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Interim CIO/CTO

Don't compromise on a strong leader - use our trusted CIO/CTOs to steer the ship while you find a permanent solution.
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Planning & Strategy

We'll turn your reactive firefighting into proactive planning and action with a clear strategy.
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Procurement & Vendor Selection

We have years of experience, knowledge and contacts to help you find the right supplier.
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How CG
Consultancy helps

Your company is experiencing rapid growth – that’s clearly a positive, but as your company changes so must your IT systems, and it’s important to avoid the temptation to ‘patch things up’ as you grow. Although it’s easier in the short-term it will cause numerous headaches in the future.

CG Consultancy will help identify and solve your immediate problems – quickly and effectively – and put plans and action in place to support your future business growth.

We source and implement strong, secure, flexible IT systems which grow with your business instead of holding you back. Contact us for a chat

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