Case Study – Rebrand and redevelop the Silverlake website and e-commerce platform to reflect its position as a leading online business for automotive parts, salvage and auction.

CG Consultancy, in conjunction with sister company five one two, were tasked with recreating Silverlake’s online presence and advising on relevant IT structure improvements to back-up the new online presence.

The Company

Silverlake employs over 70 people and has been a family-run business since it was established in 1946. The company provides a range of services covering vehicle recovery, environmentally-friendly recycling of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs), auctions and daily breakers. Since the introduction of a retail unit in Southampton and considerable investment and expansion at its headquarters in Botley, Hampshire, growth has been rapid – the next logical step was online.

The Problems

Neither Silverlake nor CG Consultancy wanted a ‘half-hearted’ attempt at e-commerce, and the decision was taken to create a best-of-breed e-commerce system which would deliver efficient, reliable online sales through a solid brand.

Behind the scenes facilities needed to be upgraded and CG Consultancy were on hand to advice on IT infrastructure, hosting, office facilities and other related IT issues.

The Solutions

An 18-month period saw CG Consultancy undertake and successfully deliver the following solutions:

The Results

The ease of use and professional look of the website has been extremely well received from Silverlake and it is considered an online leader in the automotive recycling industry with over 1500 hits a day.

CG Consultancy have also supported Silverlake in introducing new business initiatives, including a self-service vehicle dismantling service and a vehicle donation charity.

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