Case Study – Redevelop BMI’s existing, outdated, core technology infrastructure, improve staff support, plan and implement a medium- and long-term technology roadmap.

Effective, well-managed technology is understandably critical for the industry-leading publisher of proprietary business data across the globe – CG Consultancy were the perfect match to ensure smooth redevelopment and secure, reliable planning.

The Company

BMI is the industry leader for publishing proprietary data, analysis, ratings, rankings and forecasts covering 175 countries and 22 industry sectors across the world. It is headquartered in the City of London with offices in Singapore and New York and provides its clients with highly accurate, reliable and reputable data 24 hours a day.

The Problems

CG Consultancy worked with BMI to identify a number of issues which were either causing immediate problems or might do in the future:

The Solutions

An 18-month period saw CG Consultancy undertake and successfully deliver the following solutions:

The Results

The successful implementation of the short- and medium-term plans with CG Consultancy’s interim CTO, Development Manager and Technology Infrastructure consultants was ensured through rapid delivery of effective projects. BMI now has permanent key staff and a robust, scalable technology platform which will withstand the company’s future growth.

Key results came from some specific implementations:

•Replacement and retiring of outdated legacy systems

•Adoption of the Agile methodology to improve project teams’ efficiency

•Introduction of recognised ITIL standards for the IT helpdesk for continuous improvement and measurable results

Finally, a due diligence report from PricewaterhouseCoopers shortly after the work was completed resulted in a significant investment in BMI from Spectrum Equity Investors; simultaneously validating the strategic and short-medium term IT work carried out by CG Consultancy.

Business Monitor International was subsequently acquired by Fitch Group in 2014.

“I can strongly recommend CG Consultancy (particularly for rapidly growing SMEs with growing pains) - for recruitment, for highly professional project management of critical systems improvements and optimization of business processes, and for strategic direction and advice. The quality of the consultants sourced by CG Consultancy in the areas of Web Development and IT Infrastructure has been consistently high, while they have also assisted in sourcing and vetting several full-time senior hires, including Head of IT & Infrastructure, and CTO. As a rapidly growing company, Business Monitor International (BMI) outgrew its technology base and systems without at first realizing it. CG Consultancy helped us to quickly and cost-effectively overcome these problems, so that we can continue to scale the business”

Jonathan Feroze, CEO – Business Monitor International

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